PSCo Product Feature|Burlap & Canvas USB Flash Drive Pouch

Date: February 13, 2016


Product: Burlap & Canvas USB Flash Drive Pouch


So you’ve got to deliver a USB to a client and are looking for something a bit fun… we’ve all been there. Try adding a little character to your delivery packaging by trying out these adorable burlap and canvas pouches! These handmade pouches are available in both beige & white burlap with beautifully colored chevron patterns on the inside canvas. These are available in a wide variety of colors including amaranth, sunburst, sky, lime, & grey. 

Product dimensions: 4.3” x 4.5” x .25”

Pouch area (inside inseam): 4” x 4.5”

Best used for…

Not limited to just USB drives, these pouches are perfect for delivering small prints and Polaroids as well as handwritten notes and thank-yous to your favorite clients.

Goes well with…

Burlap & Jute Print Pouch – Including some larger prints with your USB and want to maintain the same pouch feel? Try out our Burlap and Jute Print Pouch, which holds over 100 prints.

Cork & Bottle USB Drive – One of our most popular items, our Cork & Bottle USB drives find a perfect home inside this pouch.

Wood USB Drive – Similar to the Cork & Bottle USB Drive, the Wood USB Drives we have in our store (available in both maple and mahogany wood) fit wonderfully in this pouch and leaves a bit of room to include some extra goodies.

5×5 Presentation Box – Add a bit more substance to your packaging by including a presentation box! Order the box with filler to provide a great cushion to hold your gift pouch.