Date: September 19, 2016

Your Name:   Taylor Cornelius

Your Business Name:  Taylor Dane Photography

Your Website:


Instagram: @tdane

Where are you based out of?   Birmingham, Alabama

Are you currently a part-time or full-time photographer?   Full Time

What is your predominant photographic specialization?   Weddings

What camera(s) do you currently shoot with?  Contax 645, Nikon D810, Pentax 645n, Nikon F100

How would you define your style?

It is somewhat difficult for me to define my style because I tend to approach each wedding or session with the intent of photographing the couple for who they are not for what my style confines them to be. If I had to define it though, I would say it’s genuine and light.

What motivated you to become a photographer?

I always loved taking pictures, ever since I was very little. I remember seeing a picture one time in high school thinking wow, I want to create things like that.” Soon after, I began saving up for my first DSLR. I haven’t put down a camera since.

What is it that you try to convey with your work?

I try to convey the story of the day or the couple in the most beautiful way possible. I want my clients to feel beautiful (or handsome!) when they see their images, but I also want outside viewers to feel as if they were there and it was a beautiful celebration.

How do you accomplish that?

At weddings, I always try to think of unique ways to showcase details that are aesthetically pleasing, but also suited to the couple. When doing portraits, I try to give directions that create genuine interactions. Some couples can 100% be themselves in front of the camera without any direction, but others are not quite as comfortable. I do my best in every situation to create an environment that products quality, authentic images.

Have you had a photographer inspire your work, and if so, who and why?

Oh goodness, yes! Some are my dear friends, others are people I’ve never even met. Honestly, I am inspired by most photographers. It amazes me how differently we all see and interact with the world through our lens. I am constantly inspired by others work.

What is your most memorable accomplishment so far in your photography career?

I honestly haven’t accomplished any of my big goals yet in my career, but my most memorable ones will always be the moments with my brides that make me remember why I do what I do. When a bride tells you that she genuinely sad that the wedding process is over because she won’t see you again for a while, or you first hand witness their tears, hold their hand or pray with them on their wedding day, there’s nothing like it! 

What is one thing you have learned during your career?

Oh gosh, I learn something new every time I pick up my camera. The most important so far is to learn to say no, which is hard for me to even type. I have the personality where I want to do everything, all of the time. I have learned that I cannot fully give my 100% best all of the time if I am constantly doing or creating.

Which Photographer Supply Company products do you currently use?

I use the 4×6 wooden boxes! I use them for my wedding packages that I sent to clients with a few prints from their wedding, a note & their USB.

How have Photographer Supply Company products helped your business?

Definitely! I love the simplicity and elegance of the boxes & how it makes my clients feel so loved when they receive them!