Hit The Streets With The New PSCo Leather Camera Straps!

Date: September 30, 2016

Coming SOON!

It is time to share the newest camera straps on the PSCo block, our Craftsman Camera Strap and Adventurer Wrist Strap. Each camera strap is made with genuine leather and comes in two colors: Brunette and Blonde.

Craftsman Camera Strap: 40″
Adjustable Length: 3″ additional

Details: The Craftsman Strap defines who you are as a photographer: durable, timeless and bold. Constructed from 8oz high grade cowhide, the Craftsman is a classic strap with shoulder guard for added weight distribution and balance. Compatible with all major DSLR and SLR bodies.

Adventurer Wrist Strap: 9 3/4″

Details: The Adventurer Strap effortlessly goes where you do. As a fantastic alternative to traditional full-length camera straps, the Adventurer’s size makes is the definitive strap for mirrorless bodies and standard DSLRs. Compatible with all major DSLR and SLR bodies.

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