Why Your Photo Packaging Matters : It’s Easy

Date: October 10, 2016

We’ll kick off this blog series with the low hanging fruit: IT’S SIMPLE! The easiest way to elevate your brand is through picking an attractive, functional suite of delivery products to provide to your clients. Starting and running a photography business is never quite as easy as it sounds. Honing your craft and developing into a world class photographer takes years, pulling in clients when first starting out can be a daunting task and making every single one of the clients that come through your door happy can prove equally as challenging, no matter how experienced you are. While so many components of running a photography business are outside of your control, the presentation you offer is the single aspect you have full control over!

While beautiful imagery acts as the foundation for your business, the client experience should be a very close second for sustained growth and success. If you offer digital downloads why not switch to USBs in a presentation box? If prints are part of your package, or you hope to up sell, showcase matted prints in a Book Cloth Box.

With a small time investment you can leverage some of the best photo packaging and presentation options on the market to propel your brand and leave a lasting impression with your clients. The possibilities are endless, and the easiest way to elevate your brand through presentation is there for the taking!