PSCo PREVIEW | Slip Covers

Date: October 19, 2016

We could not wait any longer to share some exciting news with the PSCo community. Very soon we will be offering handmade Slip Covers! Look below to find a quick preview of what’s right around the corner.

We have two styles of Slip Covers to suit a wide array of products. The first style we are showcasing are our Standard Slip Covers, which are made from an ultra soft linen with drawstring and are lined with cotton fabric. These will be offered in both Heather (gray) and Blush (pastel pink). These light covers pair extraordinarily well with our fabric boxes as well as press printed or flush mount albums (photographed above).

Our Premium Slip Covers come in a thicker linen option, and are also lined with cotton and include a drawstring closure. These will be offered in two separate colors, Oatmeal (beige) and Static Grain (gray/white). Pairing well with our wood boxes, these provide a more rugged feel and appearance to their Standard Slip Cover counterparts. These also provide fantastic protection for flush mount albums (photographed above). 

Not sure which Slip Cover works best for you? Drop us an email and we’d be happy to guide you the one most suited for your product suite!