Date: January 09, 2017

This week marks the launch of the first official Annual Photo Packaging Week. This week’s entries focus on highlighting photography packaging and showcasing how our suite of products elevate your brand’s impact with your clients. What makes PSCo Photo Packaging Week so special? We dedicate the entire week to sharing our favorite product lines that benefit your business. THAT’S NOT ALL! Daily one-day-only promo codes mean significant savings on the items being featured! This is our biggest sales event of the year (next to Black Friday), so don’t miss out on your chance to stock up for the year ahead!

On to some basics…

Why is packaging so important? Presentation is a key element of any branding strategy. Having a strong packaging and delivery presence furthers your brand through consistent positive visual impression. Photography in and of itself is a visual art that, when tied together with brand appropriate presentation, only amplifies the very product that you are providing to your clients: art.

Briefly consider some brands who have a consistent, strong presentation and the impact the packaging has on your perception of the company. Can you imagine buying jewelry from Tiffany’s and not having that beautiful Tiffany Blue Box to go along with your purchase? Packaging impacts brand perception! Your business’s presentation further establishes your brand and leaves a lasting impression on your clients. We make diving into the process a bit easier.

We’re kicking off Photo Packaging Week by exploring our Wood Boxes. From sizes holding a single USB or a stack of 150 prints to combination boxes that hold both, most of our options are available in both pine as well as mahogany finishes. Complimenting wedding and portrait photographers who want to highlight several images for their clients, these boxes look absolutely gorgeous sitting on your client’s coffee table. Interested in offering prints, but only want to present a handful of select images? Pairing our boxes with 4×6 Matboards cuts down the available space and provides a fantastic border to your images (also available in 5×7).

Imagine only expecting to receive digital files but instead receiving a wood box with a custom USB and prints from your special day! These boxes are an affordable way to surprise your clients that have ordered only digital files. Final delivery is your chance to put the cherry on top; don’t pass up the opportunity to blow your clients away.

Check out what some of our clients have shared on Instagram featuring PSCo Wood Boxes.

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