Date: January 13, 2017

This week marks the launch of the first official Annual Photo Packaging Week. This week’s entries focus on highlighting photography packaging and showcasing how our suite of products elevate your brand’s impact with your clients. What makes PSCo Packaging Week so special? We dedicate the entire week sharing our favorite product lines that benefit your business. THAT’S NOT ALL! One-day-only promo codes shared daily mean significant savings on the items being featured on that day. This is our longest and biggest sales event of the year (next to Black Friday), so don’t miss out on your chance to stock up for the year ahead!


We are ending the week with one of the most critical products that we offer, our USB Drives.  We all know that we live in a digital age and clients value digital files, but how we deliver those digitals differentiates not only your business from the competition, but the experience your clients feel at the conclusion of your service with them. can be what separate your business from your competition.

BEHOLD! The digital download email. With countless online gallery hosting companies competing for your business by designing the sleekest and prettiest email designs, for many clients that leaves a gaping opportunity to leave them with something they can cherish.

Will your clients JUMP up and down after receiving this email from you? Sure. Will they LOVE the photos you captured? Absolutely! Will they be excited to tell others about your business? We hope! Your existing clients, whether they know it or not, hold the key to your success. You have the opportunity with each new client to create a brand ambassador for your photography business. This doesn’t require going to endless networking events to fake up to people you don’t really care about, or busting your behind at bridal shows with overwhelmed couples and their families. NO. You can turn each current client into a new future client through both repeat and referral. Leave them with no other choice but to gush about their experience and be your business’s biggest champion. So, what does this blabbering have to do with digital downloads?

EVERYTHING! Switch roles for one moment and consider your client’s perspective upon receiving their photos from a special moment in time that you’ve captured. Which would speak higher volumes to you? A simple e-mail with a link, or a custom USB drive with their names engraved? Even simpler options exist with a modern, sleek Mirror USB inside a gorgeous box paired with select prints and a handwritten note. The download link drops the baton at the end of the race of turning your clients into brand ambassadors. #FinishTheRace

Don’t believe us? Take a look at what some of our own PSCo customers are doing with our USB drives and digital file delivery.”

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