How To Take Frame-Worthy Photos With Your Phone | Katie Lamb

Date: February 21, 2017

If you’re a mom and you’re anything like me, you probably have great intentions of consistently getting out your “good camera” and taking photos of your little ones. However, between being exhausted 99% of the time and being busy keeping little humans alive, you are typically reaching for your phone to grab some quick snapshots.

Here are a few steps you can take to create beautiful photos of your babies and toddlers using your phone:

1. Use the brightest room in your home.

The iPhone needs a lot of light to perform its best,
so you’ll want to find the room in your house that
offers the most natural light. Low light will result
in grainy, and often time blurry, images.









2. Turn off all house lights.

In additional to creating unflattering shadows on your little ones, most lights in your home will produce an orange/yellow light which will create odd skin tones, especially when mixed with the natural light coming in from your windows.









3. Sharpen your photos.

iPhone images need to be sharpened quite a bit in editing; however, you want to make sure you don’t OVER sharpen your photos. Find the happy medium.










Want to learn more about how to take frame-worthy photos of your little ones using just your phone? I have created a video course with step by steps instructions that are actually applicable with little ones and busy lives that will help take your iPhone snapshots and turn them into beautiful photos you can display around your home.

I’ve included behind the scenes footage of me photographing little ones up through toddlers to show you exactly how I apply the steps I teach you in the video. They’re easy, simple steps that you can apply in your day to day life. I also walk you through exactly how I edit my images using just an app on my phone. Check out this preview trailer for more details.

How To Take Frame-Worthy Photos With Your Phone from Katie Lamb on Vimeo.

While it’s great to take photos with your “real camera” (and I hope you get the chance as much as possible), our day to day lives are typically documented using our phones. This video teaches you how to embrace that and take advantage of something you have right in your back pocket.

If you are interested in this video course, head on over to to learn more.



Katie Lamb is a photographer based out of Fort Worth, Texas. She has been in business since 2008 when she graduated from Baylor University with a degree in Fine Art Photography. Katie originally pursued photography in order to document international missions and the orphan crisis around the world and spent time photographing in Africa, China, and Western and Eastern Europe. As for her portrait business, she specializes in lifestyle portraits of young families and children.



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