FREE Instant Film Frame Template | Product Ideas For Your Clients

Date: September 05, 2017

Needing help creating new and fresh products for your clients? We love providing inspiration to help build your sales! Have you considered offering our Wood Block or Wood Cube? How about the 5×5 Print Box?

Have clients that love instagram and instant film? One great idea you could offer your clients would be offering a box full of instant film frame prints from their session! Offer a new product that will appeal to their love of social media. These instant film frame prints look great paired with our Wood Block, Wood Cube, and 5×5 Print Box! Want to create your own instant film frame prints? Scroll to the bottom and click the download button for a Photoshop document where you simply just throw in your photos and send to your favorite print lab!


Click on the button below to download our instant film template!



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