Are Packaging and Branding Important For Your Business?

Date: January 02, 2018

Packaging Week is starting next week! What is Packaging Week? Read the end of our article to learn more. Before we talk about Packaging Week we did want to spend some time exploring if packaging and branding are important for your business. Do you need to spend time focusing on your brand and packaging when starting a business? How much of an impact do branding and packaging have in your business? Why is packaging so important?

Presentation is a key element of any branding strategy

Having a strong packaging and delivery presence furthers your brand through consistent positive visual impression. Photography in and of itself is a visual art that, when tied together with a brand appropriate presentation, only amplifies the very product that you are providing to your clients: art.

Briefly consider some brands who have a consistent, strong presentation and the impact the packaging has on your perception of the company. Can you imagine buying jewelry from Tiffany’s and not having that beautiful Tiffany Blue Box to go along with your purchase? How about that feeling when opening a laptop or iPhone from Apple?

Packaging impacts brand perception!

Your business’s presentation further establishes your brand and leaves a lasting impression on your clients. A cohesive brand that not only shows through your online presences but continues on into your packaging delivers a clear message that you mean business. Packaging completes the customer experience and makes the time that they spent with your business feel valuable. You don’t ever want a customer to question their purchase or feel that they wasted money. Packaging presentation gives a positive impression to your clients that allow them to feel validated for their purchase.

Photographer Supply Co makes diving into the process a bit easier.

We love packaging and branding here at PSCo so much that we are excited to launch our 2nd Annual Packaging Week! What is Packaging Week? We are dedicating each day to different suites of products that will elevate your brand’s impact on your clients.

When does Packaging Week Start? Packaging week begins the second week of January!

We believe in each of our products so much that we will be discounting a different suite of products each day for that day only. This is our biggest sale of the year(next to Black Friday), so don’t miss out on your chance to stock up for the year ahead!

How do you take advantage of Packaging Week? Follow us on social media to see which product we are featuring each day and head over to the PSCo store to purchase!