A Touch of Class with Trifolds and Mats | Photo Packaging Week

Date: January 09, 2018

This week marks the launch of the first official Annual Photo Packaging Week. This week’s entries focus on highlighting photography packaging and showcasing how our suite of products elevate your brand’s impact on your clients. What makes PSCo Packaging Week so special? We dedicate the entire week sharing our favorite product lines that benefit your business. THAT’S NOT ALL! One-day-only promo codes shared daily mean significant savings on the items being featured on that day. This is our longest and biggest sales event of the year (next to Black Friday), so don’t miss out on your chance to stock up for the year ahead!

Today we are featuring our Trifolds & Mat products. We all encourage and preach to our clients the importance of printing photos and getting them off of the computer and onto walls but we also need to express the importance of display and presentation of their prints! Photographer Supply Co offers a number of solutions for upgrading basic print presentation. Print display products act as a quick and simple way to upsell loose prints. With options including 8×10, 5×7, and 4×6 prints you can pair these matted prints with a number of our boxes or slipcovers for a complete print solution.

As a crossover from our popular line of Book Cloth products, the 4×6 and 5×7 Matted Book Cloth Proof Trifold provide a great way to showcase select images from a session or wedding. Just slip in 3 of your favorite session images and you now have a ready-to-present solution.

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