Read Up On Our Book Cloth Boxes | Photo Packaging Week

Date: January 11, 2018

This week marks the launch of the first official Annual Photo Packaging Week. This week’s entries focus on highlighting photography packaging and showcasing how our suite of products elevate your brand’s impact on your clients. What makes PSCo Packaging Week so special? We dedicate the entire week sharing our favorite product lines that benefit your business. THAT’S NOT ALL! One-day-only promo codes shared daily mean significant savings on the items being featured on that day. This is our longest and biggest sales event of the year (next to Black Friday), so don’t miss out on your chance to stock up for the year ahead!

By far our most popular line of products, today’s feature highlights our incredible line of Book Cloth Boxes! Our favorite part of these boxes revolves around the ability for our customers to flesh out an entire product suite for a whole range of sessions and packages that they offer.

Our print-only boxes support not only 4×6 and 5×7 prints but all the way up to 11×14 as well! Even 8x10s get some love with our 11×14 Standard Matboards that fit snuggly within the Book Cloth & Ribbon 11×14 Print Box. Don’t worry, you don’t have to be too crafty. All of our mats come pre-assembled and individually wrapped. No one has time to glue mats together when you’re in the middle of sending out a dozen sessions worth of products. #PhotographerLife is a real thing. We understand. From  6 matted prints to 300 loose proofs, we’ve got a box to cover everything.

You aren’t limited to print-only boxes, however. While we also have ADORABLE Book Cloth USB Boxes (for housing one of our flash drives, of course), it’s our combination Print + USB boxes that make their way to our best-seller list. Newborn and maternity portrait photographers regularly stock up on our Book Cloth 5×5 Window + USB Boxes to show off their favorite 5×5 print with their USB. The neutral gray and ivory color options we have compliment most brands exceedingly well. We’ve mentioned it before, but it bares mentioning again: imagine a client’s delight when they only expect digital files on a flash drive and a gorgeous box shows up that houses a USB with a select print on the inside. The couple minutes of additional time for you leaves a lasting impression on your client. That’s a trade-off that, with consistent execution, pays dividends down the road as your favorite clients fondly remember you going above and beyond with their session. The most important thing after that first impression is the last impression: make it count!

Our favorite senior photographers flaunt their select 60-75 prints (or 5 matted proofs) in our recently released Slim Book Cloth 4×6 Print + USB Boxes while photographers who need a bit more space can fit about 150 prints in our Book Cloth & Ribbon 4×6 + USB Boxes (which also happen to be available for our 5×7 inclined friends).

The beauty in our line of Book Cloth products lies in its flexibility. From photographers who shoot various types of sessions to ones that offer multiple products within their single specialty, we’ve got a solution that not only grows with your business but provides you the opportunity to add new products to your pricing guide to better serve your clients needs. After all, how do your clients know they want it if you don’t offer it? Grab your product suite by the horns (figuratively, unless you’re doing something wicked cool we’ve never seen before) and blow the socks off your next session’s delivery.

Want to grab a couple samples? Already IN LOVE with our boxes and want to stock up for the busy year ahead? Receive 20% off your order of any items in our Fabric Boxes section with coupon code: PWBOOKCLOTH20, TODAY ONLY!