Date: January 15, 2018

jay-mack-headshot-blogBusiness Name: Jay and Mack


Where are you based out of? San Diego, CA

Are you currently a part-time or full-time photographer? Part-Time

What is your predominant photographic specialization? Wedding Films

What camera(s) do you currently shoot with? Canon 1DX ii

How would you define your style?
Our style can be described as moody and romantic, edgy yet timeless, but most of all, adventurous and story-driven. We are all about adventures and we get excited when our couples are down to go on one!

Our tagline is:
“Films for the Adventurous and Wildly in Love”

What motivated you to become a videographer?
I (Jeffrey) am actually a registered nurse full time and work three 12 hour night shifts a week. One of my coworkers showed us her wedding video and I fell in love. I was astounded by how professional and cinematic her wedding video was. I was determined to figure out how to create a video that looked like a movie. I started out by making travel videos with my Canon T3i and eventually friends and family noticed to the point where I got an inquiry to film a wedding. I jumped on the opportunity and had Michaela help me shoot it. Initially, she didn’t like it but, she’s grown to fall in love with the whole aspect of capturing and telling stories. Now, we’re motivated by how a couple’s love for each other is so unique – that’s what brought them together and it’s amazing that we are able to show that through our films.

What is it that you try to convey with your work?
For us, the most important aspect of every video is the story. The video should reflect the couple’s personality, the mood of the day and ultimately be able to show the type of love for each other. Some couples are playful and energetic while others may be more intimate and romantic. Our style tends to attract couples who are more intimate and romantic, but we love capturing all types of stories.

How do you accomplish that?
We can go on and on about this, but we’ll try to keep it short!

One way to really drive the emotion and mood of the couple’s story is through music selection. We spend hours, sometimes days searching for the perfect song(s) that reflect our couple’s day and personality. We license our music so we cannot use copyrighted music; however, this opens up so many options for creativity. Rather than searching for typical songs in the ‘love’ or ‘wedding’ genre, we look for songs that are different – driving, pulsing, dramatic. This not only helps our films stand out instantly – it lets the couple attach their memory of their wedding day to that song since they’ve probably never heard it before.

Another way we push the story is through customizing our color palette. If the couple is more moody and romantic, we may opt for more earthy hues and desaturate just a touch to reflect their vibe. If they are playful and can’t stop laughing on their big day, we may opt for more bright and airy tones. It begins with the lighting on the day of and shaping light on the day of, in a way that illustrates the mood. Bright light may evoke feelings of joy and excitement, while soft light and shadows may elicit a more intimate emotion.

Good audio is key to telling the story. Those personal vows the couples wrote for each other become that much more special when they can visually see themselves being intimate with each other while hearing their vows play over. The groom looking
sharp while getting ready as the father of the bride describes in his speech how much of a gentleman he is. The bride smiling from ear to ear as she’s getting ready whiles the grooms vows about how beautiful she is are laced over. Attaching visuals to those bits of audio engages the viewer and continues to drive the story.

Most importantly, we pay attention to those little moments that mean so much. A father seeing his daughter for the first time in her dress. A mother sharing a moment with her daughter as she realizes how beautiful she looks. The groom wiping away the single tear rolling down his cheek as he sees his bride walking down the aisle. By constantly being aware of what’s happening, we’re able to capture those moments when we see them.

In the edit is where we tie everything together – starting with the music to set the mood, piecing the audio in the right spots where the music is building, and then deciding upon the color palette and placing shots in their perfect spot.

Have you had a videographer inspire your work, and if so, who and why?
We draw inspiration from our favorite wedding filmmakers, White in Revery. Their style is so unique while still retaining the key element – storytelling. They never overuse distracting effects; rather, they use effects in a way that helps tell the story. They have a huge influence on our music selection, and you can feel the mood of the day through their films. Lastly, their color palette is always spot on.

Forestry Films is another husband and wife team of wedding filmmakers whose work we love. They have such a unique way of telling the couple’s story – they talk to the bride and groom individually and ask them how they’re feeling on their big day. The end result is amazing – both the bride and groom pour their hearts out about each other. The way the place the audio to the visuals is perfect, and while watching, you feel like you know the couple.

We actually attended a wedding filmmaking workshop hosted by both White in Revery and Forestry Films, as well as Everly Films and Ivory and Iron. They staged an elopement in the mountains of CO and it was incredible. Check out our Instagram for a little teaser of what happened!

What is your most memorable accomplishment so far in your videography career?
I would say our most memorable accomplishment is not any one thing in particular, but the feeling at the end of each wedding when the bride, groom, and family cannot stop thanking you for all you’ve done for them and how much of a great job you’ve done. They haven’t even seen the film yet! It’s the relationships we build that are the most memorable and important to us.

What is one thing you have learned during your career?
The most important lesson we learned during our wedding filmmaking career is that story is king. I know we keep saying that, but really, it’s true. When we initially started, we were so focused on getting ‘cinematic shots’ that we would miss incredible moments happening right in front of our faces. We quickly learned that there can be balance in both so we can create a visually aesthetic film that tells a captivating story.

Which Photographer Supply Company products do you currently use?
We currently use the chubby wooden USB drives engraved with our company name, as well as wooden boxes engraved with our couple’s names.

How have Photographer Supply Company products helped your business?
The high-quality wooden USB drives and boxes have helped us show our couples that we really care about more than just the product we deliver. We care about them and their experience. From this simple gesture, they feel more inclined to review us and recommend us to others.