Date: June 11, 2018

Fantastic website copy requires a little skill to produce. It is also the heart and soul of heavily visited websites. Great copy not only presents a call to action but also evokes emotion, tells compelling stories and excites visitors about a product or service that your business offers. Even if the service is simply offering answers and providing quality information, well-written website copy is essential. This, in turn, establishes credibility, informs, convinces, inspires action and identifies with the customer



Establishes Credibility

Terrific website copy speaks “with” customers not “to” them. Doing so builds instant credibility. Copy has a unique opportunity to pull the reader in, evoke emotion and build trust and loyalty.


Effective copy has a way of persuading the reader. The purpose is to convince the public about the usefulness of your product or service. Great website copy does this and more without the reader feeling pushed to buy something. Your potential visitors are savvy; they know the difference between an informative site with excellent website copy and a site dedicated only sales.


Visitors are looking to you for answers. You’re the authority or “expert” in your industry. They need to know that they can learn from your website. You educate them on a product or service and explain why it is the best. Well written website copy explains to the reader why they should or should not do a certain thing.


Great website copy connects with the customer by identifying with them. Visitors are at your business’ website because they’re interested in learning more or purchasing from you. Build copy that reflects your targeted audience and gets repeat visitors. Additionally, this common language is the perfect way to present a call for action. In this regard, trust builds, and visitors are confident that they’re getting great information.



Establish your credibility

Your visitors are just two clicks away from dozens or even hundreds of other sites similar to yours. Why should they believe what you’ve to say? You’ve to prove very early what you’re about to tell them can be trusted. So:

  • Provide your credentials
  • Tell a story.
  • Use testimonials.
  • Add a strong guarantee.

Focus on your ideal buyer

When you write a web copy with a massive crowd of buyers in mind, your write-up becomes wishy-washy, and you end up addressing no one at all. The best web copy addresses your ideal buyer directly and personally. You ask and answer questions as if you’re having a conversation with them. You choose the words your perfect buyer uses.

Make Copy Lively

Avoid ranting and speaking from clinical and legal perspective. Speak as if you’re a corporate entrepreneur. For this, you can add humor, sarcasm, controversy, drama, photos, or videos. Sometimes, they might be boring, but try to present them engagingly. Make sure you update them regularly.

Make it easy for hunters to find you

Potential customers are hunting for information or products. How can you help them find you? Lure potential customers to your website by providing useful information by answering;

  • Answer the questions your potential customers are asking;
  • Discuss one key topic for each page;
  • Include links to relevant pages on your website

Avoid unnecessary jargon

Jargon sucks. Unless you’re in an extremely specialized field and have a target audience in mind if not jargon(s) is unnecessary.  So don’t use it! Switch out complicated terms and acronyms for words more people understand. Goodbye, jargon.

Appeal to Emotion

The most successful website copy touches the potential customers personally or emotionally. Try to catch their attention by appealing to their self-interest. Say how the products or services could make their life easier, help make money, look better, lose weight, etc.

Call to Action

Before you end your copy, determine what action you want the visitors to take. And, make sure you’ve finished your copy by posting a link or offering a specific next step for them to follow the target you’ve driven them toward.


A copy is like having verbal gymnastics. You can use, create and twist words, phrases, and sentences the way your audience might like them to be. If you embrace even half of these tips, you’ll find your web copy will be more appealing, and your readers will spend more time on your site. This will translate into increased sales of your products and services.