Date: June 18, 2018

ElizabethFogarty-17Business Name: Elizabeth Fogarty




Where are you based out of?
Washington, DC

Are you currently a part-time or full-time photographer?

What is your predominant photographic specialization?
fine art wedding photography

What camera(s) do you currently shoot with?
D4 and D4S

How would you define your style?
My style is romantic, organic, and classic. I attract brides who are sophisticated, well traveled, and proud of their love story. They care about the guest experience and the little details.


What motivated you to become a photographer?
I actually have a major in biochemistry and had zero plans for becoming a wedding photographer. I originally bought a camera to take pictures of my puppy and ended up falling in love with the art. But overall, I was attracted to the schedule and the fact that I can wear yoga pants every day and work primarily from home while also traveling to shoot destination weddings. It’s the best of both worlds!

What is it that you try to convey with your work?
My goal is to convey the authenticity of the real wedding day. While I love styled images, I also love those real moments. I want my clients to re-live their wedding day when they see their images.

How do you accomplish that?
I do this by making my couples comfortable in front of the camera. That is why my couples do an engagement session, so we can get to know each other. Awkward shows and that is the last thing you need. So I love to chat during the portrait session and to make it feel more like a date night.

What do you do during a session or wedding day to help make your clients feel comfortable?
We love working with our couples before the wedding day. This allows them to get know us and to feel comfortable. We also have lots of jokes up our sleeves to bring out the smiles. They might not be funny, but we sure try! We also incorporate lots of movement in our poses and props to make it more organic.

Have you had a photographer inspire your work, and if so, who and why?
I love looking through Joe Villa and KT Merry’s work!

What is your most memorable accomplishment so far in your photography career?
My biggest accomplishment was having one of my images as the cover for the Washingtonian Magazine.

What is one important lesson you have learned during your career?
To celebrate your little victories. It’s so easy to get caught up in planning these big goals while we forget to celebrate the little ones. Take time away and enjoy the process of building a business. Always go back to the why. Reminding myself of these truths fire me up and gets me pumped to do what I do.

Which Photographer Supply Company products do you currently use?
I use the folio boxes to deliver prints to my clients as gifts. I also use the mat boards.

How have Photographer Supply Company products helped your business?
Delivering a tangible product is huge for client experience. It is super important to get your work printed and not just let it live as a JPEG in the computer. Photographer Supply Company has really made my client experience phenomenal and I could not be happier.

How has packaging elevated your brand?
Half of the experience is the packaging. I would never put my printed work in just any box because my images deserve the best packaging. Having a gorgeous and high-quality folio box elevates my client experience. I get amazing feedback from my clients!