Date: August 06, 2018

Creating and maintaining strong relationships with clients is one of the main bases of profitability and has become an essential factor for the success of any business. Nowadays, maintaining a relationship not only means caring for the interpersonal relationship but over time has involved various aspects that contribute to the design and maintenance of a strategy focused on generating loyalty, increasing interaction and maintaining the business relationship over an extended period.

A healthy relationship with your clients not only implies that they will keep doing long-term business with you, but it will also drastically increase your chances of being included as part of your new projects or recommended in your professional circles. Next, I’ll highlight the five habits that I find indispensable to develop and maintain healthy relationships with your clients:

Staying in touch through social media/mailing lists

In the digital age, it is much easier to establish direct contact with your clients, no matter if they’re in another part of the world. We’re faced with a proliferation of contact channels and devices through which it is possible to communicate with your client, from the use of social networks to the implementation of mobile applications. As a professional photographer, try to keep in touch with them at least twice a month to learn about the news and comment on upcoming events. For instance, if you shot at a client’s wedding and maintain a good relationship, they can contact you for their maternity photos, newborn photos, 1-year photo anniversary, family photos, senior photos, etc.


Having specials for special events

It’s also a great idea to give your clients special prices for the special moment in their lives; anniversaries, birthdays,  milestones. Make them part of your business where they can enjoy this benefit; it can also be an excellent way to build loyalty. You can even make the occasion something much more special by giving them a card or certificate and making this initiative much more meaningful.

Rewarding them for referrals

As a photographer, the strategies of loyalty and generation of referrals are aspects in which you must work to ensure that the sales cycle is not closed once your client patronizes you, but to make it repeat itself and to extend it as much as possible. The idea with this is to be able to build loyalty to each client that comes to your business during the duration of the relationship, to maximize your profitability.

Always meeting criteria/deadlines

In maintaining a healthy relationship with your client, it is imperative always to meet your client’s criteria/deadlines. For a long-term relationship with your clients, meeting the deadlines can be as important as the quality of your product or service. Always fulfill your commitments and remember that delivering as required will always be better than under promising. Being open and knowing how to communicate the difficulties that arise, as well as recognizing your mistakes, problems, and failures that may occur will directly contribute to the trust of the relationship.

Send them a little something extra as a thank you

Keeping your clients happy can be the most effective way to attract new ones, which is known as a positive effect of the ‘promoter’ economy, since they feel valued and cared for and will not hesitate to recommend your brand. Thus, adding something extra with the products and experiences they receive can be reflected in the growth of your business. Photographer Supply Co exists to help your business make a lasting impression on your clients. 



An authentic and lasting relationship will always have to do with the way you deliver your services. The sum of quality, delivered value, appropriate processes with the good maintenance of the relationship will be what translates into profitability and longevity.