Surprise and Delight Clients With Pouches and Slipcovers | Packaging Week 2019

Date: January 09, 2019

This week we are celebrating our third Annual Packaging Week. This week we will be highlighting photography packaging and showcasing how our suite of products elevate your brand’s impact on your clients. What makes PSCo Packaging Week so special? We dedicate the entire week to sharing our favorite product lines that benefit your business. BUT THAT’S NOT ALL! Along with sharing valuable information for your business, we will also be offering daily one-day-only promo codes on the items being featured! This is our biggest sales event of the year (next to Black Friday), so don’t miss out on your chance to stock up for the upcoming year!

Today we are featuring our Pouches and Slipcovers. Pouches and Slipcovers act as the cherry on top of your packaging presentation. It is that little extra care to detail that speaks volumes to your clients. Needing some ideas? Our wide assortment of pouches makes a great way to deliver USB drives and prints while our linen slipcovers make a great solution for albums, mats, and boxes.

Sometimes the bulky nature of the cardboard album box doesn’t fit your branding. Toss the box and slip a Blush Linen Slipcover over that album and create a whole new vibe. Want to keep the box? There’s nothing wrong with dressing your album and delivering it in the box for added protection.

Less formality can be a good thing. Do you crank out spring mini sessions like a boss? You can affordably provide an engraved USB and pouch to your clients and stay one step ahead of your competition. Our Burlap & Canvas USB Flash Drive Pouch comes in an array of colors to match the season. We have also released an assortment of Velvet, Lace, and Ribbon USB Drive Pouches that will be sure to make a lasting impression.


While we do offer engraving on our USBs and some of our boxes, we can’t engrave our pouches since it’s a laser technique. That being said, they can be easily customized with your own branded stamp.

You don’t have to limit to pairing our pouches and slipcovers with strictly photography-related items though. Toss some goodies in there too! Candy, notes and anything brand-related provides a further connection between your client and your business. Show off some personality! In this noisy world we live in with branding all over the place, you’d be surprised how little personality exists in a company’s packaging.



Anyone who has received a package from us over the years has received a small Walter Jr. Jr. Jr. T Rex with their order. It’s just our way of saying “hi!” We want our customers to remember us and adding these small dinosaurs into your orders is a wonderful way to surprise our new customers. We love the feedback we have received from our customers since releasing these little Walters into the world. It warms our heart when we are tagged online showing Walter in his new home and is a great example of what can happen when you go above and beyond for your clients. When you can surprise and delight them they can’t help but share it with others!

The example to the left is from Roxana Lopez Photography which not only shows Walter Jr. Jr. Jr. but also a custom stamp she has created and placed on her drawstring bag! How could you use our pouches and slipcovers to enhance your branding?

In keeping with our now-daily tradition, it’s time for some savings. Receive 20% off any products in our Pouches & Slipcover section of our site with coupon code: PWPS20, TODAY ONLY!