Date: June 05, 2019

Running a small business on your own can be tough. There are days when you are doing simple tasks that end up taking up so much of your time. This time ends up being wasted when you could be using it to bring in additional business.

Does the following workflow sound familiar?

  • Purchase USB Drive and USB Packaging

  • Submit Custom Engraving Design

  • Wait 4-7 business day for your order to arrive

  • Unpackage order

  • Load USB Drive into the computer

  • Transfer Digital Files to USB Drive

  • Repackage your order for your clients

  • Go to the post office

  • Wait in the never-ending post office line (the worst, right?!)

  • Ship package

  • Tell the customer to expect package 1-3 Business days



What if you cold cut this time in half? It’s time to focus more on your business and Photographer Supply Co is here to help.

We are now happy to offer Data Load!

What does Data Load mean, exactly?

Our Data Load Drop Ship Service means we load your USBs with your beautiful sessions and weddings for you and ship directly to your clients on your brand’s behalf. This cuts days from your delivery time allows you to buy-as-you-need instead of bulk purchasing and costs LESS overall by completely removing the shipping, packaging and TIME it takes to get from your studio to your client’s home.

How does it work?

1. Choose your USB style from our Data Load category

1. Select a capacity, if you’d like engraving and the holder from our store listings.

2. Visit to upload your images, either as a download URL from your image gallery system or loose files through our platform and fill out the relevant shipping information.

3. We take it from there loading your USBs and shipping them out for you using 100% recyclable materials.


Why would I do this?

Save valuable time by having pre-loaded USBs shipped on your behalf, cutting your order-to-delivery time by up to 55%.

Save money on shipping by only paying the shipping fee one way. We charge a flat $10 to cover data load and shipping per USB. When you factor in just shipping charges to you with shipping and packaging charges to your client alone, our service ends up saving money in most cases.

Do we even need to mention how much time you save by completely removing loading and shipping your client USBs?

We ship with your brand’s return address, so clients know it’s coming from you.