5 FREE Online Tools To Create Your Own Logo

Date: August 19, 2019

One of the first things you need once setting up your small business is creating a logo for your company to use on your website and marketing material. The great thing about the internet these days is the ease of creating graphics for your business with little to no knowledge of graphic design programs. Did you know that there are now website tools where you can create a logo online for FREE! We have compiled a list of 5 websites that give you online tools to create a personalized logo for your business.

Disclaimer: Although the following websites offer a FREE online generation tool. These sites do require you to pay a small fee to download for commercial use.

1)Wix Logo


We were pleasantly surprised at the ease of creating a logo using the Wix logo maker service. What we enjoyed about this experience was being able to see the logo we created on several items such as web, laptop, and shopping bags. Purchase your logo for as low as $20.

2)   Looka


Looka logo creation is another option for easy logo creation. We like how several of these services will show you example logos to get an idea of your taste and style before sharing logo options. Looka’s online creation tool had some great design options and I personally liked their symbol options for logos. You can purchase your logo for as low as $20.


3)    Tailor Brands


The Tailor Brand online logo creation tool is another easy to use service. I like the services that show your logo on different items such as phones, letterhead, business cards, etc. It really helped me visualize how my logo can be used. Logo download starts as low as $9.99! It is a monthly service charge but you can cancel anytime and you can download your logo right away and it will be yours to keep. No need to continue the monthly charge unless you want to continually update your logo or branding.




4) Design Hill


Design Hill has an online logo creation tool that makes logo creation a breeze. I enjoyed the variety of icons available on this particular site when I was creating a logo. You can purchase your logo for as low as $20.






We are saving our favorite service for last! Canva is one of our favorite services simply because of the variety of things you can design and download for FREE. The one downside of this website is that it doesn’t ask questions pertaining to your business when designing the logo but it does give you a great library to look through, select, and personalize. Not only that, you can use this website to create graphics for social media! You can download anything you create for free, there are some graphics or icons that cost money but super affordable or you can sign up for their monthly membership and any graphic that does cost money will be included in your membership!



After spending some time playing around with creating logos here are some of the results when we engraved them on our products! Have fun designing and we can’t wait to see your new logo!