Design Service Instructions

Hi there!

So, you’ve ordered an engraved product and would like for us to take care of the design process for you. No problem, we’ve got you covered! Just follow the instructions below and you will be all set!

1. Select your Font Combo Preference

2. If desired/applicable, please select your Ornament Preference

3. Fill out the form below providing details of the text you want to be engraved and the preferences you have selected.

4. We will send you a mock-up of your design before completing your order. Please let us know as soon as possible if you approve the design.

Things to keep in mind:

– Regular Wood USB Drive will only accept Two Line Designs

– Chubby Wood USB Drives can accept Two Line and Three Line Designs only.

– Please provide exact Capitalization and Punctuation when submitting text to be engraved.

– Please reference the images below for correct design references.

– Please allow up to 3-7 Business days to process design orders.

Submit Design Instructions: