USB Engraving Instructions

Hi there!

So, you’ve ordered an engraved product and need to know what to do from here. No problem, we’ve got you covered. Just follow the instructions below and you will be all set!

For step-by-step instructions you can either watch the quick video below or skip directly to downloading the templates beneath the video.

1. Download the appropriate template below:

USB Engraving Template

“Chubby” USB Engraving Template

USB Box Lid Engraving Template

If you see a blank white rectangle you are in the right place. Just save that on your desktop.

2. Create your artwork by opening the template up on Photoshop (or editing program of choice) and designing on the template (samples at the end of the post).

Things to keep in mind:

-The engraving machine only reads in 100% black and white. Please do not include grayscale in your artwork.

-It is best to leave a bit of room between your artwork and the edge of the template.

-Small font should be okay, but keep in mind that the USB itself is very small. If you are designing with super thin lines that appear black to you, they may actually be a shade of gray if not thick enough, and not read by the engraving machine.

-The engraving type we use is a laser engraving, which means your design is burned into the wood. Because of this if there is a small space in between letters or objects they may run together (especially in small fonts). Please leave adequate space in between elements and a font large enough to where you can easily distinguish letter separation.

Sample Artwork:

3. Save as a JPEG file and submit it through the submission form below. We don’t use PNG, CR2, NEFF, AI or any other format. Please be sure to include your name, order number and number of artwork files you are submitting (if more than 1) in the email.

Submit Your Artwork:

Please make sure all information (name, email, etc) match the information on your receipt. Failure to properly match may result in delayed processing time.

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4. Custom orders take 3-7 business days to process, once artwork is received, depending on quantity and season.